Tomb Raider Hits One Million Players In 48 Hours


Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director for Crystal Dynamics has tweeted that in the first 48 hours of release, Tomb Raider had been played by more than one million gamers.


In our Tomb Raider review we described that “Tomb Raider not only captivates you by its riveting story and plot lines, but it emotionally charges you to have a need to succeed with Lara’s great overall plan. It’s not often that a game can come along and really make you feel involved in the outcome – and Tomb Raider goes all out to make sure you have the greatest experience following Lara Croft on her journey of survival.” Scoring the game top marks at 10/10

The new rebooted Tomb Raider experience has been met well by other media gaming sites too:

The first DLC content will hit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on March 19th 2013 titled, “Caves and Cliffs” for 400 MS Points.

If you love the new Tomb Raider reboot – let us know below…

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