Tomb Raider -The Final Hours: The End of the Beginning, Part 1


Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are really spoiling us with a trailer overload this month, and now comes an additional video to watch with more great footage. In ‘The End of the Beginning’ it’s a culmination of everything and the clock is ticking. These are the final, Final Hours of Tomb Raider…

Tomb Raider is scheduled for release from March 5th 2013 – the agonising wait to get to grips in a whole new Tomb Raider experience will shortly be upon us. Part One of a Walkthrough series was recently unveiled where Lara makes her way from a Monastery to the edge of a Scavenger shanty town, using the environment to succeed in brutal combat. You can check that out via this link, but first check out the latest video below:

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