Tomb Raider: Top Ten Moments Trailer

Tomb Raider: Top Ten Moments Trailer

In the past few weeks Crystal Dynamic’s staffers have reflected on Tomb Raider by calling out their favorite tomb, traversal sequence, and combat scenario.

ThisisXbox rated Tomb Raider 10/10 in our review:

When the news broke that Tomb Raider was set for a reboot on home consoles, I nervously felt that one of my all-time favourite gaming franchises might never be as enjoyable again. Whilst my hopes were set pretty high, I did not for one moment think it would ever be the most amazing gaming experience with an extraordinary story that has you hooked with every moment as it was. Every step and every breath I played of Lara Croft reeled me into the survival-adventure further, then before long my heart was pounding with the anticipation of what could happen next.

Now Game Director Daniel Bisson narrates the team’s top ten favorite moments from the game – spanning from action-packed escape scenarios, puzzles, and quieter moments of discovery and personal triumph.

Check out the trailer above.