TOMB RAIDER Video: Scaling The Ziggurat

Tomb Raider we hoped was a massive success for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, yet some discussions arose about if selling almost 4 million units was considered enough! In our review the game was scored a straight ten because is is one of the best action-adventure combined survival-exploration titles you are ever likely to find on the Xbox 360.

Today a new video from the dev’s was released showing the development team at Crystal Dynamics gathering to discuss their favourite climbing sequences: after much debate, one of the areas from late in the game beat the rest.

The video shown above showcases Lara Croft scaling the Ziggurat, an ancient temple built upon an icy mountainside, which she must traverse in the latter stages of the game in order to reach her final destination. Lara must draw upon all of the climbing skills she’s learned throughout the game in order to conquer this challenge. A foreword from Noah Hughes, Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics, explains why they chose this sequence.

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