Top 5 Casino Games for the Xbox One

Top 5 Casino Games for the Xbox One

Want to immerse yourself in an authentic casino experience without leaving your home? 

Different casinos games for the Xbox One are the perfect solution.

You’ll get all the thrills and excitement of playing classic casino games with your controller, sitting at virtual tables by yourself or with fellow gamers. But which casino games for the Xbox One are worth your time?

1. Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition

Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition is probably the most dynamic, exciting casino game for Xbox One. Its dramatic visuals are reminiscent of Capcom classics like Street Fighter and Mega Man, making for immense aesthetic appeal. 

The game features 12 characters battling to be named the best blackjack player (such as an undercover FBI agent) and 10 storylines offer plenty of variety. You can take part in local games with up to four other players. 

2. Four Kings Casino and Slots 

Four Kings Casino and Slots brings you a varied selection of exciting casino games. Enjoy the fast-paced spins of slots, place your bets on roulette, play a few hands of poker, and much more. 

Four Kings Casino and Slots recreates the experience of visiting a real casino, featuring in-game chips and a customisable avatar. This is a nice touch that helps you feel more like you’re in the gaming environment rather than just looking at it on a screen. 

You’re free to bring your friends together for a game of poker too, creating a fun social atmosphere you’ll recognise if you’ve visited a brick-and-mortar casino. Slots are a fast solo option if you only have a few minutes to spare (there are plenty of other slots options online too). 

WhichBingo features a comprehensive list of new slot sites. Browse the latest sites, games, tips, and other helpful features to make the most of your slot gaming time.

3. Pure Hold ‘em

Love poker? Pure Hold ‘em is made for fans like you. It boasts full multiplayer support for gaming with your friends or strangers from around the world. 

Pure Hold ‘em includes six tables to keep things fresh. You can progress through increasing areas of complexity and glamour, graduating from the standard casino-floor table to the high-roller’s zone. 

You can add to the Pure Hold ‘em experience by investing in multiple add-ons for a more complete package as well. This is great if you want to familiarise yourself with the rules of hold ‘em poker without risking any real money. 

4. Solitaire 

Solitaire is one of the most entertaining solo card games — and you can enjoy a relaxing hour or two playing this in your own home thanks to the Xbox Live version. The rules are easy to grasp for any player.

Bigben Interactive’s Solitaire offers three game modes and four settings to experiment with. It’s well worth a try. 

5. Vegas Party 

Funbox Media’s Vegas Party aims to recreate the buzz of a real casino floor. Your aim is to complete the Strip first, playing 10 minigames, swerving earthquakes and other obstacles, while stopping in at 17 different casinos. 

Play games like roulette, baccarat, bingo, and slot machines for a diverse experience. Vegas Party is an OTT recreation of Vegas and features plenty of colourful visuals to keep the game easy on the eye throughout. 

Each of these casino games for the Xbox one make terrific practice for playing real slots, blackjack etc., or let you indulge in risk-free fun in your own home. 

Have you played any of them? Would you recommend any others? Let us know.