Toto Temple Deluxe review

Local multiplayer games seem to swarming Xbox Live at the moment, the latest offering is Toto Temple Deluxe. TTD is a fast-paced, local-multiplayer king-of-the-hill title that will be fun for adults and children.

Developed by Juicy Beast, TTD is a very simple game to play, in Tournament mode, there is a classic game, where your characters objective is to get the goat while stopping your opponents from stealing the goat from you. The whole time you’ll be scoring points, the first to reach the limit wins. The other mode is Bomb, in this game, you’ll need to reach the bomb and keep hold of it until it explodes, if your opponents get caught up in the blast you win, otherwise a new bomb will appear until a winner is found. The action is fast paced and caused a lot of laughter (and as many tantrums) between my two boys while I watched them play. The extra modes available for those with 3-4 controllers, are team version of the modes I’ve already talked about, and this was where we all had the most fun, because of the way the levels are designed, it’s very hard to escape each other and it always results in close fought matches.


My favourite and the most challenging part of the game is the Target Challenge. In this mode you need to collect as many targets as possible to score as much as you can. The key to doing well in this mode is to chain as many targets as possible, as you hit  target, smaller coins are released that you need to collect to give you more time to move around the level to the next target. The idea sounds simple but in practice I found this mode quite a challenge, at the end of each round you are given a score, which will help you unlock achievements and some more levels in the game.

The first things my children noticed were the bright colours and the cool characters, personally they reminded me of Uglydolls, which is a good thing! The sounds effects and music suited the game really well, but the menu, although different, was a bit of a pain to be honest. At £8 Toto Temple Deluxe is fun little title that the whole family can enjoy and thanks to the cute catroony style and well designed levels, you’ll spend more time playing this game than you’d think!

Thanks to Xbox for supporting TiX

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