Trailer: 11 Reasons Why You NEED Prototype 2

If you didn’t have enough reasons to want to head to New York Zero and create mayhem in the virus infected metropolis of Prototype 2, you’ve just got eleven more.

Today sees the release of the new 11 Reasons Why You Need Prototype 2 trailer which showcases some of the awesomely mind-blowing carnage you can create in this broken world. Want to play tag with a helicopter and return the missile they’ve fired at you? You can. Want to ‘take out the trash’ and destroy a host of minions while riding in a garbage dumpster like a true pro? Go for it. Want to take apart some of the most ferocious and hideous mutant enemies ever created? That choice is yours.

Prototype 2 puts you in charge – the power is in your hands, how will you choose to use it?