Train harder with For Honor’s newest mode

Ubisoft continue to adapt and support their titles by offering new ways to entice new players and help the existing fanbase. For Honor’s next update brings an all-new training mode, which arrives April 19.

The new training mode will not only help new players learn the basics of the game’s mechanics without being butchered by online players or the game’s tough AI, but the mode will also offer existing players a place to hone their skills with each of the game’s character classes.

This isn’t just a Street Fighter-esque tacked on mode either, there are a whole host of options from tutorial videos to hands-on advanced techniques that will teach you to become a better fighter and evaluate your efforts. And yes… there is of course that Street Fighter training dojo should you want to open up on a dummy opponent.



You could argue that this mode should have shipped with the game, but let’s look at the positives here… it’s great to see that Ubisoft are constantly listening to their fans and continue to improve their games long after their initial release.