Trials Evolution – Riders of Doom DLC

Ubisoft and RedLynx has announced today the forthcoming release of Trials Evolution – Riders of Doom, the second downloadable content pack for the wildly popular Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Trials Evolution. The DLC will be available this December to download for just 400 Microsoft Points.

The Riders of Doom builds on the successes of Trials Evolution offering 40 new tracks set in The Big Sand Lands – a new environment inspired by the end of the world, that gamers will see build up and tear down throughout levels – and a powerful motorbike dubbed the Banshee to add to the Trials garage. The new downloadable content will also feature hundreds of new editor objects expanding the already robust level editor. Gamer’s mettle will also be put to the test in ten brand new Skill Games, including an endless series of generated extreme obstacles.

Trials Evolution features multiplayer competition, single player challenges, and user-generated content for almost endless gaming possibilities. To date, more than 200 000 player-created tracks have been made available through its in-game content sharing system. Riders of Doom will only add to the possibilities of what players can build within the game.

Check out the trailer below:

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