Trials Fusion Review

Trials: Fusion

Anyone who has played one of the Trials titles over the past few year will probably have the same cracks in their controllers as I do. The pure frustration of missing that jump for the 499th time will have been experienced by many and mastered by few. It was not surprising to see that Trials Fusion would be heading to the Xbox One and despite knowing what I was letting myself in for a clicked on the buy button as soon as the game hit the Xbox Store.

Once you get past the awful title music (really awful) you will be able to start your career. Those of you who have played Trials before will be comfortable with the controls and concept straight away, but for this that aren’t Trials involves taking on different levels with your bike in the quickest time possible, without falling off. Each time you fall off you’ll go back to the nearest checkpoint.

There are 4 difficulty levels of track, ranging from easy to extreme, which as you would expect is a real test for your skills and patience. The different levels all look great, whether you are riding through an Industrial estate, the cactus filled desert or the Artic Open. The controls are simple right and left trigger act as your accelerator and brake while using the left stick will help you keep your bike balanced. Your rider can now perform some impressive tricks in the air such as the superman or the proud hero, they all look cool but you need to be quick to balance the bike back out for a good landing. There are opportunities to pull these tricks off during normal levels but you don’t get anything special for doing then, there are special levels just for tricks though, ramp after ramp all pushing you to be as outrageous as possible. There is something hugely satisfying about earning a gold medal at the end of level, even on the easier levels. To make things more interesting there are three challenges per level to try and complete.

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There are some new vehicles to take on in Fusion, such as the Quad Bike and the Pit Viper, two machines that couldn’t be much further apart in terms of how they handle, the Viper has a steep learning curve but once you he the hang of it you’ll shaving off vital seconds for levels. Those little things you can do to shave off any time you can are emphasised by the goats of your friends list driving at the same time as you. You’re not able to see what they are doing to better you, but there is nothing more satisfying than ending a level to see how far up the list you can end up

As you complete levels and challengers you’ll earn experience points that will unlock items for such as clothing and helmets to purchase for your rider. The skill games are back in Trials though I found them to be a bit of mixed bag

Some I found much more enjoyable to play than others games such as Airtime, where you are given huge ramps to pull off the most amazing tricks possible, Ice Climb is another favourite of mine, trying to get up as high as you can over a series of obstacles, infuriatingly fun. Less so were events like Triathlon, it just didn’t grab my attention, either way there will be those that you prefer and some you don’t.

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Those of you with some creative flair will find themselves at home in the Track Creation mode of Trials Fusion. Its fairly simple to get up and running, and slowly but surely Track Central is starting to reveal some brilliant user made creations, way beyond anything I could create. Its a shame that currently the only multiplayer is local because the thought of playing through your friends created maps against each other sounds like a lot of fun.

I almost feel like those who purchased Trials on release are the ones that suffer the most as there is still lots to come, and some players may move on before new content comes out. On the plus side the season pass is quite a good deal, with 5 DLC releases between now and May 2015.

As it stands, Trials Fusion is a good game, and I’m glad it has joined us on the Xbox One, but it’s a shame that things like multiplayer didn’t ship straight away. This game will get better and better though and I look forward to getting my hands on the DLC.

Big thanks to Xbox for the review code.

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