Trion announce a Trove of treasure for Xbox


It’s been out and free to play on PC and MAC for a year. Trion Worlds have finally revealed that Trove will be coming to Xbox One this year.

The pioneering voxel adventure MMO blends action combat, adventure, collecting and building.

With over five million players already engrossed from around the world, Trove will be celebrating its first birthday this week and released its first full expansion, Mantle of Power earlier this year.

There are thousands of player-created weapons, mounts, costumes and other collectible items in the game. There are also dungeons, clubs and other environments forged by Trove’s  passionate global audience.

Trove invites players into a universe of endless possibilities where action-adventure, role-playing and crafting collide. There are more than a dozen character classes to choose from. Battle against others, explore, craft and create. You’ll be able to do it all in Trove. It pushes the boundaries of community-related content with procedurally generated worlds that are fully destructible and buildable.

Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds;

We want to be everywhere that gamers are, and consoles are an important part of that strategy. Trove is ideal for PS4 and Xbox One. From its fast paced gameplay to its extremely broad appeal, we expect Trove to be a hit with console gamers of all kinds.

To celebrate the announcement of the game, Trion Worlds have released the new trailer below. There’s no official news on how the free-to-play element will work, but we assume that it will be along the same lines as Neverwinter, and free-to-play for Gold members. Perhaps Trion will confirm that soon.

Other than that, Trove will be hitting the Xbox sometime in 2016.

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