Try a Wondershot on your Xbox One soon


Here at TiX we love a good multiplayer shooter. We love a good Indie developer too. French Indie designers Leikir Studio have announced their debut title, Wondershot and it looks to have ticked both boxes.

Wondershot evokes memories of those living room battles around the TV, promising mischievous multiplayer entertainment in a family-friendly environment that gamers of all ages can enjoy.

Co-founder of Leikir, Aurelien Loos;

It is truly exciting for us here at Leikir Studio. Every gamer’s dream is to make the type of video games they grew up playing and my favourite gaming memories were playing ‘couch party’ games with buddies. And that was our vision with Wondershot, a multiplayer games that’s simple, fast and fun that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The title will feature an array of weapons to master, bow, boomerang, hammer and slingshot as well as each weapon’s own special abilities.

It’s not just about player vs player though. You can team up and take on waves of enemies in constantly changing environments.

Wondershot is coming this winter on Xbox One, but your guess is as good as mine as to which end of 2016 that means.

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