Tuque Games’ Livelock delayed


Tuque Games are hard at work, putting the finishing touches to the top-down co-operative shooter, Livelock.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for players across all platforms, Perfect World Entertainment and the developers have regrettably announced that the release of Livelock will be delayed.

Originally scheduled for a 2nd of August release, the game takes you on a journey into the 22nd Century. Humanity is on the brink of collapse. Fight as Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large mechanical war frame. Defeat a host of Clusters with your arsenal of weapons. These corrupted groups of machines are fighting each other for control of the Earth’s last resources in an infinite war.

You’re charged with breaking this cycle and saving humanity before it is forgotten altogether. Team up with your friends in co-operative multiplayer and be the hero that saves the species.

So, as if to tease you with what you can look forward to from the game, here’s the PAX East developer walkthrough from Tuque, released earlier this year.

While no new release date has been finalised for Livelock, we’re confident that this extra time will allow Tuque to tweak and test to fine tune the title and when they are happy with it, then we’ll see a commercial release. Until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with walkthroughs and trailers.

As soon as we know a release date, we’ll bring it to you, so keep it locked to TiX.

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