Tuque’s Livelock launch date confirmed


It’s been announced, delayed and teased to us and now Perfect World Entertainment can finally reveal the nailed on release date for Tuque Games’ top-down action-packed shooter, Livelock.

This shooter is based in a post-human world, where machines are waging a never-ending war against each other. Nearly a century after the cataclysm, it’s up to you to restore what’s left of humanity.

Taking control of a Capital Intellect, a human consciousness uploaded into a large mechanical war machine, you have the unenviable task of destroying the corrupt Clusters. These gangs of diseased machines now control what is left of the earth. Armed with special weapons and abilities, you must break the cycle of this infinite war before humanity is forgotten altogether.

Take control of one of three characters, Hex, Vanguard and Catalyst, each with their own unique attributes. Hex is an all-rounder, focusing on dealing damage with high-impact precision weapons. Vanguard is a juggernaut of a mech, steam-rolling the enemy into destruction. Catalyst is a master tactician, commanding a squad of drones that execute her orders.

Don’t be fooled though, these mechs are in for a tough time. The Clusters are full of hardened war veterans. They’re so tough that you might need some help from your friends. Which is handy as the game features a co-operative multiplayer mode.

Whatever your preference with Livelock, Tuque Games and Perfect World Entertainment have catered for your needs. Get tactical, go for the brutal approach or head down the precision road. It’s up to you, in your efforts to wipe out the Clusters and stop this war.

So, when can you look to get your eager hands on the game? Tuque and Perfect World have today announced that it will be available on Xbox One from the 30th of August.

You can find out a little more about Livelock here but before you do that, here’s the story trailer for the game. You lucky people.

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