Turtle Beach announce the Stealth 420X+ at gamescom

Announced during gamescom, Turtle Beach have unveiled their newest addition to the Stealth line up – the Stealth 420X+.

Retailing at $149.95/£149.95, the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+’s rechargeable battery lasts for around 15 hours and is fully wireless – that’s game and chat audio. The over-ear headset design has been ‘updated’ and comes loaded with a host of audio settings including their trademark Superhuman Hearing. Mic Monitoring is included – something I really missed in other headset brands. As with their other models, the mic is removable so you can use the headset on the go with your favourite audio device.

There’s no word on when the headset will be available but keep an eye on the official page and Turtle Beach’s twitter account.


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