Ubisoft announce Zombi for Xbox One

Ubisoft have just announced the development of Zombi, an upgrade of the highly acclaimed survival-horror game.


Originally a Wii U flagship title in 2012, Zombi challenges players to see how long they can survive in a zombie-ridden London.

For the second time in history, the city has been shrouded in a fog of death, as the great plague returns. Leaving thousands dead, or infected by an illness more gruesome than death, this fear-fuelled first person shooter tasks the player to survive in such horrific and chaotic scenarios, armed with only the bug-out bag on their back, containing important items such as first aid kits, tools, maps, and more.

But they must be careful, as when their character dies, they die for good, and they are then in charge of a brand new survivor, and must go hunt for their old, infected character. If they are successful, they then have the opportunity to recover their old bug-out bag, but do they risk the chance of being infected again?


Xbox One zombie hunters will be able to experience the oppressive and intense Zombi, when it releases as a digital download on August 18.

Zombi is also releasing on Playstation 4 and PC on the same day.

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