UK Comp: We’re Giving Away TOMB RAIDER [CLOSED]


To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider and how utterly impressed we were with the game from Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics – we are giving away the full game to one lucky reader in the UK. So, if you’re not from the UK and are aged under 18 (as the game is Pegi 18 rated) then you’re out of luck.

If you want to WIN a copy of Tomb Raider for the Xbox 360 then all you have to do is read and comment on our recent review of the game and we’ll select one lucky winner tomorrow who will receive the game early next week!

Quoted from our Tomb Raider Review 10/10:

Tomb Raider not only captivates you by its riveting story and plot lines, but it emotionally charges you to have a need to succeed with Lara’s great overall plan. It’s not often that a game can come along and really make you feel involved in the outcome – and Tomb Raider goes all out to make sure you have the greatest experience following Lara Croft on her journey of survival. Elements of suspense, emotionally charged reactions and a fearful Lara who often seems to be in a situation that requires quick-thinking combined with brutality will make you sit on the edge of your seat.

Here is the link to read and both comment on the review page:

You can comment using Facebook, Twitter or Guest using an email – we will contact you by any of these methods tommorrow and announce the winner on this page.


A winner was selected at random today using a system attached to the comments so that multiple entries can be discarded and I can announce that a Promotional Copy of Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360 has been won by:



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