UK: Tesco Breaks Kinect Star Wars Street Date and Possibly Stealing Your MS Points?

A member of the Xbox360Achievements web site has reported that some UK Tesco stores are breaking the street date for Kinect Star Wars by selling the game earlier than the official April 3rd release date.

Quoted by Spyk:

I managed to get the game early from tesco (uk store feel free to check my achievements if u like) and i gotta say, its great!! ive had kinect since day one and been completely disappointed so far, theres been nothing that makes you say wow, until now!!!

Spyk also reported that Tesco staff are not including the instruction manual when you purchase the game, whilst this may not seem like a big deal – Spyk wasn’t aware that the game comes with redeem codes on the back of the instruction manual offering free MS Points.

Please be aware wherever you buy your copy of Kinect Star Wars that the case has not been opened or tampered with, otherwise it is likely that store staff are stealing your free MS Points!

Look out for our review of Kinect Star Wars very soon.