UK: Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Celebrations Coming Soon Not a Free Console

Following today’s earlier news of special themed consoles for those gamer’s who have been subscribing to Xbox LIVE since it was first born ten years ago – Microsoft PR has confirmed to that this a U.S promotion only.

This news means that gamers across Europe (and everywhere else) will not be receiving the free beautiful special edition console to celebrate ten years of being on Xbox LIVE, but on the plus side – something else is being planned instead…possibly for everyone to participate in?

Quoted by Microsoft PR:

“This is a U.S. promotion, but we will be engaging our members in various ways worldwide as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Xbox LIVE. We’ll have more to share soon.”

When we receive news of what is in store over Xbox LIVE to celebrate ten whole years of service, we’ll be sure to share the news…

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