Ultra Street Fighter IV – Hands On Preview Event with Capcom UK

Ultra Street Fighter IV

If you ask any gamer about their first Fighting game, more often then not they will have the same answer. Street Fighter. This series has lasted the test of time and is still considered the best fighting game franchise in gaming. Street Fighter II was my fighting game growing up. Many hours spent in any shop where you would find an arcade machine. Various editions of the game evolved such as Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting Edition and Super Street Fighter II. Each new version advanced the game in new ways by added the bosses as playable characters or giving new moves to more popular characters.

In 2008, Street Fighter IV was released and in 2009 came to the Xbox 360. It kept all the natural gameplay Street Fighter is known for and brought it up to date with a new visual style that once again reclaimed its title of King of Fighting games. Just as with Street Fighter II, in 2010 just a year later, Super Street Fighter IV was released. Two more updates would bring the console version up to date with the Arcade machine Super Street Fighter IV, SSF IV Arcade Edition added new fighters and alternative outfits for the fighters and a patch that came later with tweaks to gameplay brought both console and Arcade versions to standard with the Arcade Edition 2012 version.

Capcom announced that in June 2014, Ultra Street Fighter IV was to be released, added six new stages and five new Fighters to the series. It will become the definitive version of what to me is the best Fighting game available on console. On May 1st, TiX was kindly invited by Capcom UK to attend a special hands on preview for Ultra Street Fighter IV, and I was itching to see what the new version would deliver.

Held in an underground basement in London, the venue had a real fight club feel to it and was wall to wall with stations to get hands on time with Ultra Street Fighter IV. Walking through and was taken back to find two M Bisons, a Cammy, and a female Ryu walking about to give no illusion as to why everyone was there. The centre stage was set up to stream live battles on the night as pro players took on each other and people at the event all night, with prizes given out to winners.

For me, it was the game itself that instantly grabbed my attention as I sat down at a station kindly set up with joypad controllers instead of the impressive fight sticks on offer. I am a joypad player for Street Fighter now and it just feels more natural. I wanted to check out the new fighters that come with Ultra Street Fighter IV after being impressed with the teaser trailers. For USF IV, Five new fighters are thrown into the mix. Fans of Street fighter X Tekken will recognize  Hugo, Poison, Elena and Relento who join the roster with the fifth new character, Decapre, the only first to series addition.


Decapre caught my eye right away. Very similar visual style to the character Cammy but with a fighting style of charged moves similar to Chun Li in execution. Decapre is a member of M Bison’s Dolls, and whilst fan feedback her character since her reveal has been mixed, once players get a chance to use her I think they will be impressed with her playing style. Hugo is by far the biggest on screen character in the game, just a hulking brute of strength and power. Elena uses a capoeira style of fighting giving her speed and with practice will deliver some amazing combos. Poison has a similar style to Viper I found, very natural to use and one character I look forward to spending more time with come June. Rolento was the least fun new fighter for me to try out. I could not get a hold on his moveset enough and even using basic moves which see Rolento using his billy club to attack, just failed to grab me enough to give him another try. Each of the new fighters have had their moves tailored to suit the speed of Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV also brings new options for the original roster of fighters. All alternative outfits will be available and for the first time in the series, you can select the playing version from all four types of the game. You can select to play for example Ryu from Street Fighter IV or you can pick Ryu from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012. Which ever version has the playing tweeks you prefer can be selected at any time when selecting a character. There is just so much for experienced and new comers with Ultra Street Fighter IV that truly makes this version the ultimate and definitive version of Street Fighter Available.


Midway through the event, we had the exclusive pleasure of being the first to see the new trailer for the follow up to  Street Fighter: Legacy, Assassin’s Fist. Presented by its Director Joey Ansah who also plays the role of Akuma in the film alongside Christian Howard who plays Ken Masters. Those who were fans of Mortal Kombat: Legacy will recognize that ‘Assassin’s Fist’ follows the same style. It was announced that the film has been cut up into episodes and will be shown on Machinima’s Youtube channel later this year. All the episodes will be released at the same time so they can be viewed back to back. The film will tell the origin story of Ken and Ryu’s training.

TiX would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Capcom UK for inviting us to this event. Ultra Street Fighter IV played amazing, reminded me of being a kid waiting to have my go on the local arcade machine. Fans new and old will really enjoy this definitive version and there will be some awesome battles once this game releases in June for Xbox 360.

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