Underwater adventure ABZU coming to Xbox One


Giant Squid love creating games that make you explore. The team behind Journey (not the band) released ABZU on PS4 and Steam on the 2nd of August and yesterday, publisher 505 Games revealed that the underwater exploration title will also be splashing onto Xbox One.

Having scooped multiple awards already for ABZU, Giant Squid have let us know that the game should be available on Xbox One at some point today. As an added incentive to fish it out of the Store, if you purchase it in the first week of Xbox release, you’ll get 15% off the regular price.

As ‘The Diver’, players will uncover their true connection to the ocean, as the world around them begins to unlock its secrets. Fluid swimming controls allow The Diver to interact with lush Kelp forests containing thousands of fish and hidden worlds, all of which await The Diver on her quest. ABZU has spent much of the past year garnering praise from fans and critics, notably for its unique narrative and submerging soundtrack.

Players can only progress along the emotional spectrum of the game as they explore and discover new things about the underwater world. The story of ABZU is a universal myth that resonates across cultures; a story that we all carry deep within our subconscious.

Swim with the fishes in ABZU, which is expected to be released digitally on Xbox One and Windows 10, on the 6th of December.

Here’s the E3 trailer from earlier this year, to give you a taste.


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