UnoTelly Allows Region Free App Access on Xbox 360

Have you ever been on your Xbox 360 console and wished that you could access the many hours of streaming content from across the pond? UK gamers dreaming of watching Hulu+ and maybe even the USA folk fancy watching a bit of Lovefilm services, or even the BBC iPlayer region free; now you can with a service from UnoTelly that aims to fix the locale gap between your Xbox console and all that content online you could never previously access.

The short of it is, Unotelly is described as “an intelligent DNS service that lets you stream Online TV to your home, on any device and with high streaming speed, bypassing the geo-restrictions.” With few words, it’s an online TV service that bypasses geographic limitation working with myriad devices, and of course the Xbox 360.

Gamers can gain the benefits of using UnoTelly by allowing the service to give you access to downloadable or streaming content that is restricted by your location. For instance, an Xbox user from the UK can download demos and apps from the US Xbox marketplace with an installation of UnoTelly that is a simple pain free process. Even a novice can easily set up it and watch his/her favorite shows, but to access all the features it does come with a subscription fee as detailed on the UnoTelly website. Depending upon the subscription service you pay for determines the apps that you can access due to some streaming services requiring a UK/US IP address which can be bypassed with their VPN service.

Is this legal? We’ll it’s certainly not illegal, but you might need to re-read through the Terms of Service and conditions of using Xbox LIVE if you’re unsure about what you can do and cannot do by accessing Microsoft’s LIVE services.

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