Unravel winds down to release

Unravel winds down to release


Back at Gamescom, earlier this year, we were treated to the teaser trailer for Coldwood Interactive’s touching yarn featuring, well, some knitting.

Unravel is the story of Yarny, a small woollen character taking an adventure to reconnect the bonds of love.

Well, Coldwood and EA are ready to announce a release date for Unravel and that it will be coming to EA Access next year.

Coldwood’s Creative Director, Martin Sahlin;

Gaming is a powerful platform, able to inspire players and tuch their hearts. With Unravel we’re hoping to do just that. Yarny’s quest is to mend broken bonds and the yarn represents the love and connection between people. Along the way, we’ll test your cleverness with environment-based puzzles inspired by our home in Northern Sweden.

So, when can you attempt to make a shamble from a cat’s cradle in Unravel? It’s due to hit EA Access before anything else, although quite when is still to be announced. The game itself will hit the console on the 9th of February and if you are lucky enough to have played it on Early Access you can take advantage of a 10% discount on the full game on release date.

Here’s the new story trailer. Will Unravel tempt you to knit-one or does it want to make you drop a stitch?

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