Upcoming RPGs


There are a lot of really great games coming to the Xbox One over the next year and beyond. Here are some interesting RPGs to keep an eye out for.


Vampyr is an action-RPG set in London where players will assume the role of Dr Reid who has recently be transformed in blood sucker. Will you go on a rampage, killing people to become as powerful as possible or heal citizens and try to bring peace to the city? This is a choice driven story where the whole of London is in the player’s hands. Stop the Spanish Flu or use the disorder it creates to reign supreme, the decision is yours. It has been a long time since we’ve had a proper vampire game, so Vampyr is hotly anticipated. Set for release sometime in 2017, Vampyr looks to be a really interesting game.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an open world MMO set in a cartoony pirate world. Players can recruit their own crew, customise their own ship and set sail on the high seas in search of adventure and treasure. With ship to ship battles where players can board enemy vessels and use their loot to upgrade their own ship, Sea of Thieves looks to be the best pirate themed game we’ve seen to date. It doesn’t have a set date in 2017 yet but it is definitely one to keep an eye on. If you can’t wait to scratch that pirate itch then checks out Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or visit somewhere like LadyLucks and try games like Pirates of Chance.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The long awaited follow up to the iconic Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts 3 is bound to be exceptional. We’ve seen little footage and don’t have any sort of release date yet, but the pedigree this game holds sets its standards very high. The crossover game between Disney and Square Enix has a huge follower base of excited fans. Well known for its fluid action RPG battle system and at time nonsensical storylines, Kingdom Hearts hasn’t seen a numbered titled released in 12 years, don’t Square think we’ve waited long enough. Certainly, we’ve had a lot of HD remakes to tide us over these past few years but now the time is ripe for the conclusion to the story of Sora, Donald and Goofy and their journey through the Kingdom Hearts games.