Vimeo App Hits The US Dashboard

Vimeo App Hits The US Dashboard


Vimeo has today released its new app for Xbox 360 that allows Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers to sit back and watch high quality videos on their HD televisions.  The new app seamlessly integrates Vimeo’s distinct feel, function, and content with the unique features of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The Vimeo app takes advantage of the Xbox 360 experience in a number of ways.  People can utilize both the hand controller and Kinect voice and gesture controls to search, browse and play videos.  Vimeo members can sync their Vimeo profile with their Xbox LIVE account for a streamlined experience that keeps them logged in, tells them when their Xbox LIVE friends are watching Vimeo videos, and lets them share videos they like with Facebook friends. Whether they want to VJ their next house party or just sit back for a few hours and watch beautiful videos, members can curate a collection of their favorite videos into a Vimeo album that will continuously play back on a TV.

The Vimeo app on Xbox LIVE is only available in the US locale, more than 40 new dashboard apps were previously announced.

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