VLC Player coming to Xbox One


You’ve all probably used VLC Player from VideoLAN.org at some point in your life. The handy little traffic cone PC-based video player that will play just about anything that you can throw at it. If you haven’t used it and sometimes struggle to play some codecs, seriously, get yourself onboard, it’s free and frankly, great. For a while now, some Xbox One owners have looked on with envious eyes while the Windows users of the world take advantage of this powerful yet small visuals player. Well, my console owning friends, look on in envy for only a short time longer. VLC Player is finally coming to the Xbox dashboard.

A recent blog post by one of the program’s maintainers, Thomas Nigro, announced the console introduction of the app, this coming summer. This will be made possible by the welcome introduction of the Universal Windows Program, or UWP, and VideoLAN’s decision to rebuild the already available Windows 10 installation into UWP.

We’ve been working on Xbox One for a long time, even considered a Windows 8 app last year but we couldn’t because of a lack of proper APIs. The work on the Xbox One UWP port started in February, and it’s been a pleasure to follow the SDK updates.

This welcome change means that not only will VLC run on Windows 10 desktops and laptops, but also on any other Windows 10 based devices, including your trusty Xbox One, Windows 10 smartphones and tablets.

There’s a little way to go on the app before it is made available to all and it’s good to note that it’s on it’s way as an alternative to the in-built system vdieo player on the console.

If you’d rather not wait for VLC on Xbox One, there is always the option to ‘volunteer’ your console as a development box for VideoLAN, (don’t worry, you keep your Xbox), and test the app for them, starting next week.  If you want to do this, the only suggestion I could make in the absence of any official instructions, would be to drop Thomas a tweet, @ThomasNigro with your details and hopefully he’ll sort this for you.

Dashboard App Developers will be able to publish UWP apps on Xbox from this summer and it looks like VLC may be one of the first to take advantage.


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