Want to play a Chess Master live on Twitch?

You may remember back in September 2016 I posted a review on Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition, if not go HERE to read it, I loved it. Ripstone Games, the team behind the game are giving Twitch viewers the chance to play Chess International Master and Chess.com VP Daniel Rensch. To be honest I don’t know who he is either however he’s obviously top of his game because he is willing to challenge the entire Twitch chat room. Rensch became the youngest International Master at just 14, now that is some impressive stats.

How it will work is the chat will type in their moves in and viewers will be able to vote on the moves. If Twitch chat win the everyone in there gets a free Ripstone game. It may turn into chaos and like all things web chat you’re bound to get some trolls in there. That being said it does sound like a lot of fun. Click the link HERE to go to Ripstones Twitch page, while you’re there have a look at the TiX page and check out our latest Burnout Paradise stream.

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