Want to play a part in the new Mass Effect?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game that you have starred in? No me neither however maybe it’s time to flex your talent as a budding games actor. Bioware are offering the chance for those who are brave to enough to record a short piece using a script they provide in a bid to recruit new talent for the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game.

They have launched the contest and called it Explorers wanted. There are no specific requirements so you don’t need to have dashing looks or an amazing voice to enter. Starting September 12th 2016 and runs until September 28th will give you plenty of time to perfect your style. The winners will be notified by November 30th and they will be flown out, put up in a hotel and then attend one of Bioware’s recording studios to record the part.

So if you fancy a go then head HERE for all the details and full terms and conditions, remember if you get the part try and slip a TiX reference in, just because you can. Best of Luck.

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