Content Writers Wanted

UPDATE NOTICE: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ANY MORE CONTRIBUTORS AT THIS CURRENT TIME. We still receive a number of enquiries about how to become a Games Reviewer. It is not possible to become a reviewer on thisisxbox without posting news coverage of games – without coverage of games, there’d be no review code sent to gaming sites. You don’t normally have one without the other. When we are looking for “New Blood” we shall remove this message… // Dec 2012

Do You Want To Write For This Is Xbox

Contributors are always welcome here at thisisxbox. The site is growing fast and writing for us will give you a decent amount of exposure – and since it’s probably quite obvious from our domain, most of our readers (if not all) are Xbox enthusiasts. So, if you do want to kick start a hobby into writing about your favourite console, Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE and Indie games, then we want to hear from you, but there are however a few conditions.

We want to keep providing more high quality news everyday and we need your help to make this a reality. It is felt that to provide  high quality, dedicated Xbox 360 content we should be the only website that you voluntary write for in relation to the Xbox 360 console, aside from your own personal blog if you have one. All other content about all other consoles is completely up to you – but we are only interested in hearing from writers who want to put their time and effort into writing about the Xbox 360 and/or Windows Phone 7 on one Xbox related website only.

Life and circumstances around it change everyday, and that’s why we don’t expect a mass amount of content daily, weekly or even monthly – a small dedicated amount of news posts each month is perfectly acceptable.

If you want to voluntary contribute to help the site grow with more informative content based on a passion for gaming and the Xbox 360 console &/or Windows Phone  then email us at to register your interest.

What You Need To Provide

  • Your Full Name.
  • A link to your blog if you have one, or twitter so we can get to know you.
  • Links to any previous written content if you have done so for others in the past

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • Interesting and current News on the Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Kinect and Windows Phone 7 platforms.
  • Original blog style articles to fit around’s current content.
  • News sourced from other sites, rewritten in your individual style with ending link to the original source.
  • Writers who can take a press release and combine the information into a news article.

As a voluntary writer you would want to do this as a hobby and to keep informed about all future announcements for the Xbox consoles and its games. You will need to own an Xbox 360 console and ideally have written before in the past or manage your own blog. The whole of is ran voluntarily whilst maintaining good relationships with various gaming PR and developers. You may at times be provided with review games, but there are no guarantees.

We look forward to welcoming you on board…assuming you’re happy with all of the above?