Warframe Launches On Xbox One Today

Lacking funds and in desperate need of a new game to play on your Xbox One? Don’t worry, Digital Extremes’ has got your back as Warframe is making its way to the system today.

Warframe is a fantastic free-to-play co-op shooter that launched on PC back in March last year and has been regularly updated with top notch content.

The game revolves around players picking one of three Teeno classes, completing objectives in randomly generated worlds and earning experience and loot. Don’t let that F2P tag put you off though, as Warframe does melee combat better than most games on the market today.

Microtransactions are available however they are fairly well balanced and mostly just offer boosts and early access to in game content.

If you’ve played Warframe on PC, it doesn’t seem like you’re able to link the two accounts, yet.

Are you going to give Warframe a whirl? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media what you think of it!

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