Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review

When Warriors Orochi 3 fell into my path I’ll admit to not knowing what to expect, I tend to have a fairly good gaming knowledge but I’m always on the lookout to expand it where possible, I knew I’d heard of the game from somewhere and after some research my original thoughts we confirmed. Warriors Orochi was released 3 years ago across the last generation of consoles, it brought together two game series, Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors and now it is time for the Next generation treatment.

To those of you who are fans of the two games you’ll know all about which characters have come from which series, who is missing and who is new, for me however it’s a whole new world of awesome looking characters with some brilliant looking moves, so I’ll apologise in advance to the hardcore fans!


Once you start the game you are greeted with a whole host of modes, I naturally started with the story mode to try and get a better understanding of what was going on. Time and space has been warped by the Serpent King known as Orochi, forcing china and Japan together to defeat a huge beast known as the Hydra. This beast was far too powerful for the warriors and defeated them one by one, but hope was not lost thanks to a Mystic known as Kaguya who was able to travel through time and change the past giving the two sets of heroes to change the course of time and defeat the Hydra. Now hopefully that made sense and you are still with me!

The first thing you’ll notice is the huge amount of enemies you go into battle with, the draw distances aren’t as impressive as I’d hope but when you have what feels like hundreds if enemies in screen at time you can’t help but feel impressed. The graphics aren’t anything to shout home about, they are average at best, thought cut scenes are much better. Before each level you are given the opportunity to prepare for battle, you can choose your heroes; look over the map you will be fighting on to determine where enemies will be and which bosses you will need to defeat along the way and assign any weapons you wish to use.


Each level gives you a time if limit of sixty minutes and as you complete a level not only do you unlock a whole host of collectables but you’ll also so a page of stats to show how quickly you finished, how many enemies you killed and your biggest combo, so there is always an element of trying to better your scores when you revisit a level. You will also earn growth points can be used across the characters to upgrade health, attack, defence, speed and Musou.

Combat is fairly simple, even if you aren’t familiar with the series; bashing your way through the X and Y buttons will serve you well as you hack through thousands if enemies but you can put together some awesome combos ending with some impressive special moves using the RB button. You can quickly switch between your three chosen characters at any time to mix things up, if you are really good you can switch characters mid combo and continue your attack. As you fight through the big crowds you’ll see items being dropped that could be temporary boosts to your stats or even new weapons. Certain weapons can be fused together to create much more powerful weapons, perfect if you decide to up the difficulty.

As well as story mode there is plenty else to do, the first mode is Musou battlefields, which allows you to play on any level you have created and swap a whole manner of things background music, officers, even lines can be switched and then shared online for friends to experience, as if there was enough to play and collect before this opens up the game even more.

One mode that surprised me was Gauntlet mode, the aim is to escape a big dungeon with 4 other characters, you’ll have to overcome different trials on your escape. If one of your team dies you have the option to wait for a specified time before they are brought back to life or go on without then, fighting in big numbers will ultimately help you escape. Things get more and more difficult as you make your through and the fact you can’t save adds an exciting twist to the mode.


Duel mode gives you the chance to choose three warriors to fight against three others over Xbox Live, locally or against the AI. Before fighting you can choose up to four strategy cards that will either boost your own. Abilities or affect your opponents. I only got to play against the AI and I found myself getting bored quite quickly, but as in most cases being able to play against your friends will always make things more interesting.

I really enjoyed this game and will spend much more time playing through the game over the next few weeks; it looks good, plays well and has opened up a new genre of game to me. I haven’t felt too overwhelmed by everything going on around me, and as time has gone I’ve felt myself actually get quite good at it. If you fancy playing a different type of a game this is a really good place to start.

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