Watch Dogs 2 Officially announced

Watch Dogs 2 Officially announced

Surprise! Watch Dogs 2 is now official, in case you have been hiding for the past week there have been lots of leaks out about the game, but earlier today there was an official Livestream with lots of cool details about the game.

To quote the Press Release:

Players will explore the birthplace of the tech revolution as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who has fallen victim to ctOS 2.0’s predictive algorithms and is accused of a crime he did not commit. In Marcus’ quest to shut down ctOS 2.0 for good, hacking is the ultimate weapon, and players can not only hack into the city’s infrastructure but also every person and any connected device they possess to trigger unpredictable chains of events. With the ability to take control of drones, cars, cranes, security robots, and much more at their disposal, players can choose whether to use stealth hacking to complete missions without killing a single enemy or go guns blazing for a more ferocious approach. In this vast open world, players can hack their way through traffic while engaging in dangerous car chases through the winding streets of San Francisco, traverse the rooftops of the vibrant neighborhoods of Oakland, and infiltrate the offices of cutting-edge companies in Silicon Valley.

I managed to watch some of the stream earlier and th game looks great. You won’t be surprised to hear that there will be a Season Pass and range of versions of the games to buy.

Deluxe Edition includes the Game, an exclusive sleeve, a San Francisco Map, lithographs and the Deluxe pack of digital customization items.

Gold Edition includes the Game, the Deluxe pack and the Season Pass.

San Francisco Edition with its Collector’s box, includes the game, extra digital content: The Deluxe pack and Zodiac killer mission, the Marcus Figurine, SF-themed laptop stickers, lithographs, and a San Francisco Map.

Exclusively on the Uplay shop, fans of the franchise can pre-order Wrench Junior Robot Collector’s Pack and The return of DedSec Collector’s Case. The return of DedSec Collector’s Case contains the Gold Edition and DedSec themed memorabilia including among other collector items, the DedSec art Marcus figurine, Marcus’ scarf and cap replica and an exclusive 64 page artbook.

Wrench Junior Robot Collector’s Pack includes the Gold Edition and a 20cm replica of the ingame Wrench Junior robot, controlled by an app (Iphone or Android).

Anyone who preorders the game will get access to a mission called the Zodiac Killer, which involved plenty of hacking and helping the police find a killer who is taunting them.

Finally, you can check out the rather awesome and Official trailer as well as another video about Marcus.