Watch Dogs 2 reviews get off to a great start

The reviews are flying in… on PlayStation 4 that is. At the time of writing, metacritic has 39 PS4 reviews of the latest Ubisoft title and 0 on Xbox One – anyone care to take a stab at which is the preferred platform?

God is a Geek gave it 90 praising that “every aspect of movement and adjusting to your equipment has been improved ten-fold since the first game”. TheSixthAxis matched the score and found that there’s “a ton of side-content that’s entirely new to the franchise”.

Even the lowest score, at 75 by SpazioGames, found Watch Dogs 2’s new hacking abilities to be “two of the most joyous news in the field of hacking, that you should definitely build as quickly as possible, are the jumper and flying drone.” (please excuse the use of google translate).

Check out the launch trailer below

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