We Might Never See Call of Duty from Infinity Ward Again?

Some might say that the resignation of Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward as their Creative Strategist, is just what people do in life – one minute they’re happy in their jobs, and then next they want to move on to do something new and completely different. Now what if Activision with developer’s Infinity Ward took the same approach in their business activities – this could mean that Modern Warfare 3 might have just been the last Call of Duty game from its founding studio!

It is now known that Bowling quit his job without giving notice, having not cancelled his diary meetings and now at home unemployed – either waiting for offers, or thinking of self-employment (maybe) – or he has dreamed of being a house-husband for 2012. For any individual to do that last minute, you could assume that he has been informed of something from Activision that totally made him annoyed to hell, something so bad you just have to quit because it goes against everything you believe in – a man has his principles and something planned from Activision was just so bad he decided enough was enough! With Activision and Infinity Ward only developing Call of Duty – surely the involvement in their massive franchise is exciting and the community engagement and interaction a rewarding experience with a great salary to match? So, why would you quit?

As far fetched as this might sound, what if Activision has ceased Infinity ward from developing Call of Duty titles? Not so far fetched when you consider that Treyarch are now the main Call of Duty studio with hundreds of employees working hard to bring you the next fix, and Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3 was only complete thanks to the involvement from Activisions newly formed studio, Sledgehammer Games? There’s a lot of what-if’s here, but what if Robert Bowling had been told he now has nothing to be a Creative Strategist for – because just maybe there will not be another Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward.

The current Xbox 360 console is pretty much at the later stages of its lifespan with Microsoft dropping in all it can in the form of App’s and Kinect as a form of life-support to hold it out until a next-gen console is released. With 2013 being the predicted date for an Xbox 720, this also coincides with the timeframe for which Infinity Ward should be releasing their next game – but wait for it… what about Sledgehammer Games? We know Treyarch will be releasing a new Call of Duty title in 2012, and we also know thanks to previous Job Postings that Sledgehammer Games are currently at work on their next game, and have been since 2011. Whilst it hasn’t been announced in any shape or form, do not forget that they were originally formed to create a third-person Call of Duty based on Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. When Infinity Ward went a bit tits up, Sledgehammer were then drafted in to help Infinity Ward complete Modern Warfare 3 – so the likely hood of Sledgehammer Games developing a new Call of Duty game is about as likely as your next crap being brown! It’s very likely…

Based purely on speculation, with Sledgehammer Games working on a new Call of Duty game, the release window for this assumed to be in the Fall of 2013; the same time as a new console from Microsoft is likely to hit – making Sledgehammer Game’s Call of Duty game possibly the first next-gen title for the franchise. Treyarch will complete the rumoured Black Ops 2 this year with their next Call of Duty game set for a 2014 release. Where does this leave Infinity Ward and what window of opportunity will they get to release a new Call of Duty game? As now one of the smaller developers it’s highly unlikely for Sledgehammer Games to collaborate a second time around, so it brings back the question – just maybe there will not be another Call of Duty game from Infinity ward?

If the studio is not set for future closure from Activision, and let’s just say they will not release another Call of Duty game now that two development studio’s consisting of Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have taken the reigns – it leaves only one other option – a whole new game altogether!

This time next year we could see the announcement from Infinity Ward, that they will launch a whole new IP on a whole new console – what better way to save a studio and potentially bring something else that will sell by the bucket load on a new console. With new features and capabilities, nothing heralds the start of a new console generation quite like new IP’s as it is the best time to launch brand new games.

You just wait and see!


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