We Now Have A Facebook Page – Go On, Like Us.

We Now Have A Facebook Page – Go On, Like Us.

With the ever growing popularity of social networking – we finally thought it fitting to start our own Facebook Page today which coincides with the launch of timelines on Community Pages within Facebook.

As it’s so very new and shiny, albeit it right now a little bare, the page will be updated with all future news posts from today (assuming everything is in good working order) – and will also include our Youtube Uploads… so now you don’t always have to visit the website to keep updated.

You can “Like” the ThisisXbox (TiX) Facebook Page by visiting this direct link.

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, we have our own Pin Board http://pinterest.com/thisisxbox/pins/ you can pin our content and follow us.

We are also available on Twitter, and have a Mobile App for Content.

You don’t have to “Like” us – but it would be appreciated…