We’re all off to the Mekazoo on Xbox One


There does appear to be a plethora of platformers currently hopping and jumping around the Xbox One at the moment, and The Good Mood Creators, a new studio founded by Jarrett Slavin and Justin Hoag, are about to introduce another to the fold.

Imagine, playing as one of five Mekanimals, each with their own unique skill, then imagine pairing up with another Mekanimal to enhance those skills into a powerful combo.

Mekazoo will allow you to do just this whilst platforming through a lushly-drawn 3D world. Destroy the insectoid army as you swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly through this world and fight to each character’s strengths. Play as the swiftly rolling Armadillo, the bouncing, stomping Wallaby, the acrobatically hopping Frog, the climbing cybernetic Panda or the gracefully gliding Pelican.

Mekazoo is scheduled to hit Xbox One nearer the end of the year. Looking at the gameplay trailer below, could this be the platformer that finally rivals Rayman? Tell us what you think.


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