What are Activision teasing in new trailer?


Activision have released, in the last few days, a teaser video for a new game.

Being a nosey so and so, I’ve had a look and I don’t know about you, but I can’t quite make out what game they might be teasing us with here. Honest.

Given that the publisher is the license holder for many titles that are rumoured to be hitting the comeback trail, more out of hope than any firm evidence in most cases, I’m getting strong hints that this might be for a new Guitar Hero title. Not sure what gives it away, really.

There are many reasons why Guitar Hero should make a comeback on the new-gen consoles, not least for the fact that Harmonix have already announced Rock Band 4. Let’s hope this does better than Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, which sold a paltry 86,000 units on release week.

Have a look at te teaser, posted on Youtube by VG247.com’s Matt Martin, as Activision haven’t as yet.