What Is Microsoft Up To With Halo Infinity?

Our friends over at Fusible, has made a very interesting discovery that suggests Microsoft are planning something titled: Halo Infinity, having purchased a range of domain names to protect the new project before a possible launch.

The range of domain names that were registered include: HaloInfinity.net, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.com, HaloInfinity.org, HaloInfinity.co.uk, HaloInfinity.mobi, HaloInfinity.de, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.net, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.org, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.co.uk, HaloInfinityMultiplayer.mobi and HaloInfinityMultiplayer.de

All domains were registered through Microsofts brand protection partner MarkMonitor and although Microsoft are not the confirmed owners just yet, it’s unlikely to be anyone else since the Halo brand is owned and operated by Microsoft Corporation and MarkMonitor are there to protect it.

Although purely speculation, with the multiplayer mentions and .mobi domains – this could be for a brand new Halo App planned to land on the console dashboard and mobile devices, maybe something new and more Metro style which will replace Waypoint in the near future?

If and when Microsoft announce specifics, we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Fusible

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