What Is The Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

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Over the past few weeks I have heard a re-occurring question in public places, “What Is The Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?” I found myself somehow in ear-shot when it was asked in a supermarket, on a bus, in my place of work, in a used game store, and more recently out clubbing! It is as-if no one has remembered that the Xbox 360 is now eight years old.

Eight years is a long time in the technology world; PC’s of this age are no-where near the same standard as modern day PC’s, and even TV sets in this time period are capable of so much more – no only introducing 3D, but you now have Smart-TV’s and 4K sets. The Xbox 360 in the eight years of its time has seen three lead console designs with the original, S-Console and now E-Console editions; so why would no one assume any real differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

It is in my opinion that Kinect in 2010 re-wrote the Xbox 360 history books as it took the famous Wii craze that was first introduced in 2006, and now made all this motion control magic possible without the need for any controller in your hands whatsoever. A clever marketing approach that didn’t win over the hardcore gamers, but Wii owners craving something newer with better visual quality could turn to Kinect. Microsoft was hard at work snatching and reeling in Wii gamers looking for a HD, hands-free experience. With more than 80-Million Xbox 360 consoles sold around the world, it was clearly working.

So, back to the question at hand and why it needs to be said so many times in public – the real difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is not just the hardware and technical capabilities, nor the vast improvement in visual differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Xbox One was designed to be future proof, it will lead xbox gamers into the next five years at least and grow with more and more exclusives.

The Xbox 360 will eventually end up unsupported as more and more gamers make the jump from last-gen to new-gen with Xbox One. You can guarantee that it is certain Microsoft will ensure that all new features planned for Xbox will be with a main focus on Xbox One over Xbox 360. New dashboard improvements, tweaks, possibly even the long-rumoured gaming augmented reality glasses – your Xbox 360 will be shit out of luck with anything new and innovative.

It’s also worth noting that Xbox One now uses Blu-Ray so that multi-disk installs is now unnecessary and you can watch HD Blu-Ray movies now on an Xbox One console. The 360’s HD-DVD add-on was a failure, but mostly due to the lack of popularity of HD-DVD’s and the rising success of Blu-Ray over time.

Where as the Xbox 360 is now a senior citizen squeezing out every last breath it can, the Xbox One is a new born baby, ready to learn new things and provide us with many experiences and surprises to come in future.

The games are outstanding visual quality and whilst the dashboard may be suffering from a lack of expected features – standing by your beloved Xbox 360 is like holding on to that favourite jumper full of holes in it. It may be warm and familiar, but you know deep down that it’s time to move on and “Xbox On”

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  • Josh Tucker

    I get this question everyday at my retail job, my first thought is, “You’re kidding right?”

  • I know…everytime I hear it I can’t believe people are really ‘serious’ !!!

  • GamerZ Elite

    I think 1 has mandatory kinect and another has none.

  • Dimitris

    Ok… So… You Xbox One is different because MS will soon let down the 360 and only the XB one will be supported. The Xbox One will soon have the same applications as the 360. And the games will soon come only for the XB one. I get it. The point of the question of all these people is what is Difference?? Xbox One is like a modern 360. Better H/W, better kinect but all these are not differences. You point out the difference in graphics and the inclusion of blue ray. Don’t get me wrong, but if I use the same logic as you do then it would be safe to say that PS4 is better than the Xbox one. Better H/W, Blue ray, also with a camera gimmick (yes kinect is better I know) and is cheaper. I don’t want to join the console war. I am just a guy who’s trying to find out which of the the options he has (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Steam) is the BEST for him. I am not interested at all in kinect, so I don’t see something else to drive me to Xbox One. I own a 360 btw. I will wait to see but right now, personally speaking I am not in for the Xbox one. It is like PS4 or Steam for me. But that’s me. I respect the decision of anybody who prefers the Xbox One. It is still good.

  • I think the PS4 is better than the Xbox One visually “currently” – whilst I only own Xbox One for this website and that I couldn’t afford both… I have seen the PS4 in action on a 50 inch HD TV and I will definitely say that games seem to install faster, and look better on PS4… it is undeniable.

    For the whole overall experience I prefer Xbox One as I think the games win it for the console right now – just a shame they don’t look as sharp and impressive as PS4 makes its games appear 🙁

    I would like a Wii U too, because for me the Wii U looks great for the platformers, it’s like classic old-school memories brought to life in HD and Nintendo can put the fun factor into almost anything.

  • GamerZ Elite

    Next 3 months XBox One has only 2 exclusives.

  • Axe99

    The issue here is that lots of (most) gamers don’t follow the gaming news, and many aren’t that worried by the initial differences between last-gen and current-gen games (really, beyond the number of zombies on-screen in DR3, there’s nothing gameplay wise on current-gen that couldn’t have been done last gen with fewer polys and less razzle dazzle lighting). They just see that BF4 or AC4 are cross-gen and assume that they’re the same experience, without realising that playing on a current-gen platform provides a considerably more enjoyable experience. Happens every gen, this is nothing new. Don’t forget Ryse is a far bigger step up from X360 games than anything at the X360’s launch was compared with the original Xbox.

    The thing that’ll bring everyone on board is as more and more games are current-gen only. You can only play Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killzone: Shadowfall, Resogun and Knack on a current-gen console (hon mensh to the new Super Mario World game as well). That’s pretty much all the games of note you _need_ a next-gen console for. Wait until next ‘release season’ in Sep-Nov 2014, when many of the big games will be XB1/PS4 only, and it will be much easier to explain the difference to folk that aren’t so worried about complex lighting algorithms or using voice commands to snap Skype to the side of their game.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    But they launched with more so it balances out really (excluding platform exclusives like Flower or Sound Shapes as those games can be found elsewhere)

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    This will be the challenge of this generation. SNES->N64 was obvious, PS1->PS2->PS3 was obvious, but this gen is closer to Dreamcast->PS2 at the most drastic (and even that isn’t accurate). We’ve reached a point of diminishing returns. Yes, there is always more detail/draw distance/lighting or whatever but they won’t pop in the same way that past jumps have. Uncharted 2 and Gears of War 3 still look fantastic to me…

  • Jack lINK

    Wrong I have one it not

  • TT

    There is a reason people keep asking dumbfucks. Sorry us normal people aren’t as big of tech geeks as you smartasses. Ya, we’re more than likely asking to see if it’s worth to spend 500 bucks on a system to play VIDEO GAMES… And if there is really that many differences. Most of us don’t give a shit if the graphics are better to point where u can’t even tell. Woooweee. Were talkin like if you will NEED th connect sensor in future games, if they will keep making games for 360, or a serious change. Most people don’t give 2 fucks about the new “cool” features. It’s made to play VIDEO GAMES…. VIDEO GAMES. Jesus Christ

  • TT

    Amen. Damn, that’s all we needed to no. To find out if we’re spending 500 on a glorified 360 or if it will be a must in the near future

  • ALittleSnarky

    with that kind of attitude, you have a job in retail?

  • DLK

    Good response…lmao, love it! Exactly my thoughts!

  • Yuki Cross

    I don’t know why you all are suprised people are asking that question. Yes it is a needed upgrade especially after all this time. However, people are asking not because they are surprised there is an upgrade but because they want to know what the upgrade is so they know if it’s something to be bought now, or if they can hold on to their 360 for a few years. I’ve seen how business after a few years of the original launch of a product, simply slap on a new color, maybe change the name alittle, and say ‘brand new and improved/upgraded’ when in reality it’s the same product and people waste hundreds of dollars because they didn’t ask the simply question of…what’s the difference? People are trying to be smart about their money and their time.

  • Marius Quentical

    This article told me nothing. How much more memory does XBox One have? Video graphics improvements?? Why, how much?? Processor improvements?? Why ? How much? Multitasking? Yes but description of details?? Sounds like Microsoft wrote this review.

  • Ghost

    I just want to know what is better one or 360 cuz I have had mine for 6 years and don’t want to spend a lot of money on some new color only upgrade and that crap stuff because if people say that the gaming is so much better and that there won’t be any more games for the 360 then I’m screwed!

  • Ghost

    And I REALLY don’t give a mother fucking shit on all that crap like “oh yeah the xbox one has much better graphics” LIKE DO I FUCKING CARE its a game boy not something that must be so expensive for nothing better than the old one!!!!!!! Now what I want to know is can you still play the games that are for xbox one or are they still making games for 360 cuz if they are then I won’t have to spend 300 dollars on shit!!!

  • Xbox One graphics are amazing, but not by much… I’d keep the 360 for now since most top titles are coming out on that as well…

    The 360 and Xbox One remind me of the Master System / Mega Drive Days in the 90’s where both had the same games and only one had better visuals and not much else… THAT!

  • Erika71

    Thank you Jason Andrews for clearing up the confusion (With all the gaming consoles out there…who REALLY knows which is better in the long run?!”) My nephew really wants an Xbox and I said, “which one? Xbox One or the 360?” “Xbox One.” “Good, I want one too!” 😉

  • Aman

    Thanks for writting this.. Seriously, I had no clue about difference between Xbox 360 & Xbox one before i read this article. now it’s clear

  • henry

    hello dude i have a question from you that xbox S 360 is better or xbox e is better plzzz help me sir

  • depends where you are from as (I think) in the UK the Xbox E 360’s are only 4GB internal memory, where as Xbox S is 250GB deals. The E just has a better look about it to fit in Xbox One style

  • pss

    Pretty much a useless review by another gaming snob. I got more out of the comments from the readers of this article. I won’t be spending more money for this gaming console till I see some significant improvements or new features.

  • “another gaming snob”… I’ll take the compliment 🙂

  • Cisco

    OMG Jason. Are you kidding me? Everything you’ve noted ONLY applies to Microsoft. What game system upgrades and doesn’t let you be able to keep all your favorites from the prior system. Not Sony. You can play games that you’ve spent your hard earned cash on PlayStation REGARDLESS of whether it’s from a prior version or not. In actuality, Microsoft is behind when it comes to gaming. So they have blueray now. Big whoop!! Sony got it right the first time with the PS3. I thought when Microsoft came out with the One, they’d FINALLY get it right and allow you to keep your games from the older versions allowing you to still play them. Even with the 360, unless you had a hard drive (which you usually end up purchasing) you can forget about playing any Xbox games. You talk about the Xbox One as if it were royalty (and better than Sony) when in reality it’s going to need more than a blueray and better graphics to merely just keep up with Sony. In the end, all the little crap that Microsoft STILL hasn’t fixed (while Sony is full speed ahead and on schedule) is what’s going to always make Xbox second to PlayStation.

  • Anthony Thomas

    I was wondering the same thing about what is the differences. I do work on computer and build then and all you have to do to say something is brand new is put a larger graphic card, sound card and a new chassis and there you go, brand new. What I get from people I know that actually have a Xbox One is some kind of, ” I got one and you don’t because you can’t afford one stuff. Some kind of society thing. Far as Blue Ray, I have no intentions of watching movies on a Xbox One. I have a PS3 and I have never watched a blue ray on it. The only thing I have seen them show off is the Kinect and how you can switch things around, like playing a game, picture in picture, big whoop…..I have a smart tv for that. What I want to know is, if I took the xbox one apart and the xbox 360, what would I have and how different would they look. From what I gather from the media Xbox One is just a catch up from Sony’s PS3, well I already have one of those. I am certainly torn, because I have always been a Xbox/Microsoft fan, but now I am not too sure. It’s all about making a sale and if you not a computer technician or Xbox technician you will never know the different. I can remember when Xbox 360 and PS3 came out it was all about what was better and I looked and I don’t see any difference with looks, but I have had to take in my Xbox 360 for repairs twice and guess how many times for PS3. It’s ALL about the consumers people, if we as consumers BITCH enough and NOT buy the Xbox One, things will change. I have only 67 friends on my Xbox 360, but out of them only 4 people have an Xbox One. People can’t afford over 400 dollars for a gaming console and most people I know who brought one either did layaway, credit card or got it as a gift from someone who may could have afforded it. I could get one today, but I have TONS of games on my shelf that I haven’t played yet and I am not about to trash them just to prance around saying, I got a Xbox One, I got a Xbox one and you don’t. Only reason why they came out with an Xbox One cheaper is to keep the sales up, because of the price of PS4. And buyer beware if you are listening to people who work at some places who sell gaming console, they get rewards for selling a xbox one or PS4, so it still comes down to what you really want. Heck I am still buying games for my PS2 and they are still out there. I have no interests in competing with the Jones or whatever that saying is. If you are happy with the console you have then use it until it stops working, THEN get a new one.

  • jman

    Haha good response:) thanks for your help:)

  • K

    You don’t have to be a dick, some people don’t care enough about technology to know.