What Is The Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

Over the past few weeks I have heard a re-occurring question in public places, “What Is The Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?” I found myself somehow in ear-shot when it was asked in a supermarket, on a bus, in my place of work, in a used game store, and more recently out clubbing! It is as-if no one has remembered that the Xbox 360 is now eight years old.

Eight years is a long time in the technology world; PC’s of this age are no-where near the same standard as modern day PC’s, and even TV sets in this time period are capable of so much more – no only introducing 3D, but you now have Smart-TV’s and 4K sets. The Xbox 360 in the eight years of its time has seen three lead console designs with the original, S-Console and now E-Console editions; so why would no one assume any real differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

It is in my opinion that Kinect in 2010 re-wrote the Xbox 360 history books as it took the famous Wii craze that was first introduced in 2006, and now made all this motion control magic possible without the need for any controller in your hands whatsoever. A clever marketing approach that didn’t win over the hardcore gamers, but Wii owners craving something newer with better visual quality could turn to Kinect. Microsoft was hard at work snatching and reeling in Wii gamers looking for a HD, hands-free experience. With more than 80-Million Xbox 360 consoles sold around the world, it was clearly working.

So, back to the question at hand and why it needs to be said so many times in public – the real difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is not just the hardware and technical capabilities, nor the vast improvement in visual differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Xbox One was designed to be future proof, it will lead xbox gamers into the next five years at least and grow with more and more exclusives.

The Xbox 360 will eventually end up unsupported as more and more gamers make the jump from last-gen to new-gen with Xbox One. You can guarantee that it is certain Microsoft will ensure that all new features planned for Xbox will be with a main focus on Xbox One over Xbox 360. New dashboard improvements, tweaks, possibly even the long-rumoured gaming augmented reality glasses – your Xbox 360 will be shit out of luck with anything new and innovative.

It’s also worth noting that Xbox One now uses Blu-Ray so that multi-disk installs is now unnecessary and you can watch HD Blu-Ray movies now on an Xbox One console. The 360’s HD-DVD add-on was a failure, but mostly due to the lack of popularity of HD-DVD’s and the rising success of Blu-Ray over time.

Where as the Xbox 360 is now a senior citizen squeezing out every last breath it can, the Xbox One is a new born baby, ready to learn new things and provide us with many experiences and surprises to come in future.

The games are outstanding visual quality and whilst the dashboard may be suffering from a lack of expected features – standing by your beloved Xbox 360 is like holding on to that favourite jumper full of holes in it. It may be warm and familiar, but you know deep down that it’s time to move on and “Xbox On”

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