What would make the ultimate gaming room?

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Many of us make do with what we have in terms of where we game. The majority of gamers probably use their living room TV and sofa to do their gaming on, and some of us may have a spare room that we can use. But those rooms will usually serve other purposes too, especially if you live with other people.

For most of us it’s pure fantasy to have a space that is completely dedicated to gaming, but if you played the lottery and happened to land the jackpot, you’d be able to create the perfect gaming room – along with fulfilling all kinds of other dreams, of course!

So what would you include in your ultimate gaming room? For a start, you might move to a bigger home, where you’d have enough space to include a gaming heaven. Then, you could get a team in to install sufficient sockets (you can never have enough), custom-built surface space to accommodate your consoles and computers, as well as special tinting on the windows so you wouldn’t get any glare on the screen, and UV wouldn’t damage any of your gaming equipment. You’d add in some task lighting and mood lighting, so that you can give the room different ambiences depending on what mood you’re in.

Obviously comfortable gaming chairs are a must – not just for you, but also for any of your gaming buddies who come round. You’ll need built-in storage for all your accessories and discs, and other gaming paraphernalia. Then when you’ve got the room set up, then you could splash out of any of the following:

The $13,000 gaming PC from Yoyotech

IF you want perfect 4k resolution on all the 3D games that are available, choose something like the XDNA Aurum 24K, which costs 7979 GBP. There’s significance to that price tag – 79 is the chemical symbol for gold. It’s 50% more powerful than Xbox One and includes two titan graphics cards. Tested on Battlefield 4, this computer ran the game at a min 26 frames per second in 4k.

Spend $191,000 on a Cruden Hexatech racing simulator

If you enjoy driving games, why not invest in the Cruden Hexatech immersive racing simulator which costs as much as a real supercar that you can drive on the roads?  It provides all the excitement and buzz of F1 and Nascar racing without any of the danger. There’s a hydraulic tripod chassis which helps recreate the g-force effect if you were actually cornering at great velocity on a race track, and the simulator can be customised to resemble any car you choose.

Buy a Zeus platinum or gold, diamond encrusted pc

If your gaming room is all about looks rather than performance, you might think about spending out on some bling hardware. Zeus, a Japanese computer manufacturer, sells the Jupiter for $750,000. It’s a PC that is encased in solid platinum and encrusted in diamonds, set to look like an astrological constellation. Inside there’s an Intel 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU, with 2gb of DDR2 memory and 1TB hard drive. If you feel that’s a little excessive, you can get a gold version for $500,000.

Of course, these are just a few of the most expensive pieces of gaming equipment that are out there. But before you decide how you’d kit out your ultimate gaming room, you’d better buy some lottery tickets!

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