Whispering Willows launch delayed


You may have seen that Night Light Interactive’s supernatural adventure, Whispering Willows was due for an Xbox One release on the 12th of August. Well, it seems that the spirits were unhappy and decided to suggest something to the developers that just may make up for the release being rescheduled.

The new release date for Whispering Willows will be the 28th of August and the reason? It will be included in the Microsoft Deals With Gold program for a limited time. This is your chance to own this intriguing looking ectoplasmic puzzler at 30% off from the day of it’s release until the 11th of September.

Night Light Interactive’s Co-Founder and CEO David Logan;

Deals With Gold allows us to give gamers a break, so it was an easy decision for us to make. We are extremely proud of the game we’ve created in Whispering Willows, and if we can do something that not only gives our fans a great deal but also ensures the game is played by as many people as possible, we’re on board.

We’ve already posted the announcement trailer, so here’s just a teaser of what you can expect come the 28th of August.


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