White Xbox One Dev Kit Pops Up Online

White Xbox One Dev Kit Pops Up Online

white xbox one dev kit

An Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit by the name of GhostofAce, to unveil the all shiny new as-close-to-retail-as-possible Xbox One console development kits.

When questioned about the validity because it was assumed dev kits were striped – “The zebra ones were also earlier devkits. We’ve gone through several revisions since the original alpha kit (giant server case) and the current one we have looks like the launch version,” said the anonymous developer.

Unlike the retail Xbox One consoles the white dev kit Xbox One does not feature the guide button icon as a power button, and instead is just a plain power button! Thank goodness Microsoft never chose to release a white Xbox One at retail because it just looks – WRONG!

Other Reddit users claimed it looked like a 3D Printed “Mock-Up”.

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