White Xbox One Limited Edition Console Confirmed

white xboxone sunset overdrive

Rumours have been circulating that Microsoft may put out a public Xbox One in glossy white since a retailer posted pre-order details recently claiming it’s a Sunset Overdrive bundle. According to Polygon who have spoken with Microsoft – this is indeed true and the Limited Edition bundle with a white Xbox One unit (kinect free) will be released later this year to celebrate the launch of Sunset Overdrive.

Developed exclusively for Xbox One, “Sunset Overdrive” is an always-changing, open-world shooter set in the not-so-distant future. A catastrophic event has left your city overrun by mutants. While the majority perish or transform, you flourish. It turns out your calling isn’t picking up trash or serving food, it’s mutant destruction. With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for traversing the city with hyperagility, it’s not the end of days for you. Your story is just beginning.

“Sunset Overdrive” breaks the mold of traditional shooter games by delivering an open world that can change every day, influenced and inspired by the game’s community of players. New weapons, clothing, challenges, adversaries and even world events can be created and published quickly — a feat made possible with Xbox One and Xbox Live.

There has been no word on pricing or confirmed release dates, but we’ll keep you informed in the coming weeks…who knows what Gamescom might reveal on Tuesday August 12th (wink wink). Earlier in the year a White Xbox One for Fall 2014 was rumoured to come with a 1TB HDD!!!

Thanks Polygon

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