Who ordered Ninja Pizza Girl?

Ninja Pizza Girl

In keeping with my nostalgic trip down trailer-lane for today, when I first saw the reveal for Disparity’s Ninja Pizza Girl, there were sections of it where I thought I tasted a hint of the original Prince of Persia on the Amiga. That was back in 2015 at E3 and now the Australia-based developer are baked and ready to deliver the game on Xbox One.

Originally released on PC, Ninja Pizza Girl sees you controlling the heroine delivery girl with upsized visuals, which will run in full 1080p HD.

Thanks to massive overpopulation and ruthless corporate competition, the only way to deliver pizzas in the future is by hiring underpaid teenage ninjas to sprint their piping hot dinners over the rooftop. The Ninja Pizza Girl in question is Gemma, employed by her father’s unfashionable delivery firm. Can she survive the perils of rooftop pizza parkour? Will the teenage ridicule get too much for her to bear?

The game will combine an assortment of features packed into a flat box of fast-paced action, perfect for speedrunning. This is all smeared generously on a base of platform gaming.

Nicole Stark of Disparity Games;

We’re incredibly excited to finally bring Ninja Pizza Girl to next generation console platforms and I can’t wait to see what people think of Gemma’s heart (and stomach) warming adventures.

Ninja Pizza Girl is out for delivery on Xbox One, from the 20th of July.


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