Will First Wonder make it to Xbox One?

Will First Wonder make it to Xbox One?


Some of you may remember a game called MDK. This was a third-person shooter developed by Nick Bruty’s Shiny Entertainment. Nick sort of disappeared for a while, but now he’s back, with Rogue Rocket Games. Rogue Rocket have announced a deal with GRIP Digital to bring what is being hailed as the spiritual successor to MDK, First Wonder, to Xbox One.  But there might be a catch.

The press release states that First Wonder will be coming to Xbox One, “when fully funded on PC”. Given that this is currently looking unlikely, will GRIP or some other publisher step in at the 11th hour to give us all another taste of the Bruty humour?

First Wonder will be set on the alien planet Majorca, where the locals are beseiged by a colossal ancient creature known as Monstro. Only a down-on-their luck salvage crew, the Cargonauts, can stop Monstro with their jet-packs and equipment. Not only will you get to take control of the Cargonauts, but you’ll control Monstro too.

Jakub Mikyska or GRIP Digital is excited;

We are very excited about partnering with Rogue Rocket Games to bring First Wonder to consoles – because, believe us, there really is nothing like this on consoles right now, and gamers need this!

It looks, intriguing, let’s hope it makes it’s way to Xbox soon.

Here’s the kickstarter to give you an idea of the game, along with some of Nick Bruty’s humour.