When will Gamers see Another Bond Game Released on Xbox?

The relationship between Hollywood blockbusters and their video game franchises is one that is littered with some bright spots and many others that failed miserably.

James Bond films on consoles such as Xbox are no different. In terms of bringing films to video games consoles, action and adventure movies are among the best candidates.

That makes the James Bond film series a perfect fit for porting to video games as the iconic spy movies seemingly have all the right ingredients for an amazing game.  However, the reality is it is easier said than done.

Several developers have tried their hand in the past and the consensus among gamers is that GoldenEye is the best of the lot. However, there have been several James Bond games that failed to reach the heights scaled by GoldenEye and so it is understandable that not many publishers want to produce another 007 game.

And with the last James Bond video game to be produced being the first-person shooter game 007 Legends, maybe it’s time for another developer to give it another crack?

Developed by Eurocom and published by Activision, 007 Legends was released on PlayStation and Xbox in October of 2012. To put that into perspective, the last released James Bond film was 2015’s Spectre, with another slated for release in 2019.

On the other hand, there are no confirmed James Bond games in development, or even rumours of one being made at the moment.

Time for another James Bond Game on Xbox?

Xbox Gamers of a certain age will remember the good old days when that same tag team of Eurocom and Activision released GoldenEye on the Xbox 360. Since then subsequent games have struggled to match a game that came to be known as ‘thinking man’s shooter’.

That moniker was bestowed upon the fast paced first –person shooter thanks to the ability to complete each mission in different ways. In addition, GoldenEye featured destructible environments as well as allowing for multiple control scheme options. For retro fans of 007, there are number of non-Xbox Bond games which were pretty good too.

So all in all good times, but that was a full 5 years ago and things have moved on a bit in the gaming world. Imagine playing as James Bond in a game the calibre of GoldenEye as it was then on the recently released Xbox One X console.

Unfortunately, the way things are going players on Xbox will need to have the luck of Sean Connery at thecasinos if they are ever going to see another Bond game on the platform again. Why that is the case is baffling as James Bond films have all the attributes required to turn into a respectable and enjoyable shooter game.

Looking ahead the prospects of another James Bond game appearing on Xbox any time soon look slim due to a distinct lack of any credible news or announcements.

The Bond film series has settled into a regular 4-5 yearly cycle for new movies and no doubt Daniel Craig is already hard at work playing the famous British Spy in preparation for the next films release in 2019. Whether a new game based on that film or previous ones is released on Xbox any time soon remains pure speculation.

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