Will your Xbox get Obliteracers?


I’m not going to hide this one bit. As a gamer, I loved Mariokart. Even if it was on one of the other platforms. I don’t care. It was immense fun. I’ve been longing for something that comes anywhere near it on Xbox for a long time. I had hoped that Coffin Dodgers would, but sadly, it fell short.

Deck13 and Varkian Empire have just announced a title that might finally give the plumber’s racing game a run for its money at last.

Obliteracers is an award-winning party racer for up to 16 racers. What’s the difference? Well, all 16 racers are on the same screen, making the action chaotic and full of mayhem.

The game is less about speed and more about keeping up with the other players, using weapons to knock them out of the race. It is destroy, or be destroyed. Compete with friends locally or online. Obliterators will also include dozens of game modifiers to keep it fresh.

Now, you might have a look at the trailer below and think to yourself, ‘I’ve seen that before’. And you’d be right. Obliteracers started out as Space Dust Racers and for reasons unknown, changed its name. As you may remember, the studio directors grew up playing Mario Kart, Micro Machines and Crash Team Racing and wanted to produce a title that would give their own children the experience they had.

The game, on Steam at the moment, offers the unique ability to use smartphones and laptops as extra controllers, although there’s no word on whether this will be an option on the Xbox One version on release. This manic racer will feature highly customisable party game modes with endless variety.

Play it simple as a newbie, or use advanced strategies as a veteran. Drop in and drop out as and when you please, like when you’ve run out of beer. Obliteracers aims to please all racing fans.

The following trailer, in the absence of an Xbox trailer, features the smartphone controller, which may or may not be in the console version.

Obliteracers will be heading to Xbox One on the 15th of July.

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