Will you be a Screencheat?


I remember (oh, here he goes again…) back in Amiga days, a game called Hired Guns. Many people will carp on about GoldenEye 64 being the first truly multi-player split-screen game in 1997, but Hired Guns was doing it on a home computer, four years earlier.

One of the aspects of the game that annoyed my gaming friends at the time, was that you could keep half an eye on their portion of the screen to gauge an idea as to where they were, sneak up and shoot them. This is a tactic that I’ve employed many times since.

Screencheat, developed by Samurai Punk and published by Surprise Attack Games, is a game based on that very principal. Your opponents are invisible to you in your section of the screen, as are you to them. You have to look at their surroundings in their portion of the screen in order to find and shoot them.

The game will feature 9 weapons to deal your justice with over 8 game modes, including the intriguing “Hillcampers” mode where as soon as you set foot on the base of the hill, everyone will know where you are.

It’ll release on Xbox One in the summer, and it looks a heap of fun.

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