Will you survive in the Rebel Galaxy?


We’ve all played space combat games, right? Desperately chase the tiny ship in the distance, firing off a lucky shot as it streaks towards you, then over you. Rebel Galaxy looks set to be more than a little bit different.

Set in a massive, randomly generated universe, littered with space junkyards, asteroid fields, nebulae and ice fields, you’re not in charge of a tiny fighter. You’re in charge of a huge leviathan of a destroyer, bristling with weaponry and capable of hude broadside volleys of hot, light destruction. At least, you will be, as long as you can earn enough to buy it.

With more than a sniff of Elite about it, Rebel Galaxy aims to blow away the strategy side of space combat from the outset, and developers Double Damage have designed the game for one thing; combat.

Form alliances, bargain with inscrutable tentacle-faced freaks, annoy the neighbours. This universe is filled with life to bargain with. Hire a mercenary to do your dirty work, hang out in a bar, be virtuous, or vicious, the choice is yours.

Double Damage Games have announced Rebel Galaxy for Xbox One with the following trailer and Co-Founder of Double Damage, Travis Baldree, had this to say on the announcement,

“We’ve wanted to launch Rebel Galaxy on multiple platforms from the beginning, and today it’s a pleasure to announce to Xbox and MAC communities that Rebel Galaxy will be coming to the Xbox One and OSX as well. “

Rebel Galaxy is due to hit the Xbox One in 2015, have a look at the announcement trailer below, and tell us what you think.

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