Windows Phone 7.8 Update Could Be Landing Tomorrow (UPDATE)

A few rumours are flying around the internet that for Windows 7.5 users, the long awaited 7.8 update which is meant to make your Windows Phone look as close to Windows Phone 8 as possible, is rolling out tomorrow from Microsoft. The update is already available to download now as a ROM from the internet on the XDA Windows Phone Developer forums for most Windows Phone 7 handsets, and can be patched in if you have the know-how and downloaded software to support the actions.

Updating via the ROM method doesn’t come recommended since you could unfortunately brick you phone and/or jeopardise the Microsoft Terms of Service usage if you don’t really know what you’re doing, but if the 7.8 update does hit Windows 7.5 OS devices tomorrow it would bring a number of new improvements all centered around the new Start Screen. Changes to the Start Screen will allow LIVE Tiles to use all of the screen size area in their layout, have small, medium and large LIVE Tiles, new colour accents, and new notification updates on the lock screen.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update will be delivered directly to all Windows Phone users this time around bypassing all mobile carriers unlike the Mango 7.5 Update. This new type of updating for Windows Phone devices will be a standard feature of Windows Phone 8 so that all users receive the update at similar times…

…and while we’re on the subject of Windows Phone 8 – look out for our review soon when we get to test hands-on a new Nokia Lumia handset with the Windows Phone 8 OS.

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Microsoft has confirmed no updates due until Early 2013 – read the news here

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